About Karen

KAREN CHONZENA, LMP, has been in practice since 2004. Her practice as an energy intuitive combines techniques of intuitive coaching, vibrational healing, energy medicine, shamanic practices, craniosacral and visceral manipulation, mentoring and teaching.

Karen graduated from massage school with honors and has since taken many courses to further her education. She has studied with the Upledger Institute in cranio-sacral therapy, somato-emotional release and the Barral Institute in visceral manipulation. Karen’s practice has been firmly built on extensive training in the art of mindfulness and passionate ease with a master, Dr. Lawrence Conlan, DC, ND.  Karen has completed a two year training in shamanic healing and mentored with a medical intuitive  for two years.  Karen found her voice and her ability to heal with her voice working with a voice and movement therapist as well as taken a trip to South America to work with the embodiment of  healing with the voice.  Karen has also received her Reiki Master certification as well as done many courses in breath work and meditation.  Karen has most recently joined the relationship school in Boulder Colorado, and is an apprentice relationship coach in training.  It has been through these experiences that she has honed her craft and reaffirmed her love of healing at the subtle energy levels.

Born in Hof Germany, Karen moved to the US in the early 1970s and attended high school and college in the Pacific Northwest. She worked for several years in the financial industry before being called to the path of healing arts.

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