About Soulular Therapy


SOULULAR THERAPY is a way of accessing the alignment of your true nature by attuning your frequency to your soul’s purpose. It can help to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wholeness. This work is based on the spiritual laws of the universe, the foundation of all spiritual teachings.


Together we use the sacred space that we create  to unveil and shift unconscious thoughts, cellular memories, patterns and energies held in the body, mind and energy system since childhood and beyond.  By identifying and releasing energy stored in cells and integrating with energies aligned to the soul’s purpose, the door opens for you to take ownership of your life and provides you a pathway for new choices in alignment with your true nature.

This open-hearted practice is an active meditation of pure love as a sacred opening to the flow of infinite knowledge.  The following are some of the benefits of relationship coaching and energy healing.

  • Feel empowered and step into your true self more fully.
  • Step into what you want and need from yourself and others to create the life you were meant to live.
  • Release self blame and blame of others.
  • Move forward and make decisions that are in your highest good
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety
  • Increase your awareness around coping strategies and how this served you.
  • Take ownership over what you can do to shift into a more emotionally mature relationship with yourself and other.
  • Identify sources of pain both physical, mental and emotional
  • heal destructive lifestyle patterns (emotional imbalances)
  • Grow up the part of you that plays out daily, the unconscious blind spots .
  • Acknowledge the blind spots and create an opening to shift.
  • Take ownership of how you feel, what you want and live your True North!
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