Testimonials from clients and students

I first met Karen several years ago thru a massage therapist. She was unavailable and referred me to Karen. I had no idea who she was or what she did. I believed I was showing up for a standard massage. I had no idea I was about to embark on a wild journey of self healing. From our initial visit I knew there was something special and very different about the way Karen approached the mind-body-spirit relationship. There was also something about her that innately made me feel safe and trusting of her. Over the course of several years I have had the privilege of learning from her. She has helped me discover so much about myself. She has taught me tools that are valuable and that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. She has allowed me to see situations from a different lens. She has brought me to the brink of emotional desperation and then gently led me back to myself. She has taught me how to talk to myself and for myself, I’ve learned the importance of boundaries and self love, how to communicate with others. She has taught me how to love myself and love others. She is a valuable teacher that I call upon frequently. Her wisdom and intuitive nature are out of this world. There have been many times that I’ve scheduled an appointment and when the day arrives I think to myself, “hmm I don’t really have anything going on right now, maybe I don’t need to see her.”  Hands down these are the most pivotal, profound, and impactful visits for me. She has a natural ability to draw energy, feelings, and emotions out of me. Not only do I turn to Karen for her amazing abilities, she also has helped my three daughters immensely as well as my husband. He and I have dedicated the time to learn about each other with Karen’s love and guidance through her relationship coaching practice. I can’t lie; at times the work you will do with Karen is difficult and exhausting and always, always rewarding. I can’t express my gratitude for her enough. As cliché as it may sound, she changed my life and my families life. I encourage everyone I know to see her. Her gift to this world is a gift we should all experience. Thank you Karen for your time and dedication to helping heal the world. You are a bright shining light. I am so blessed to have stumbled across your path. I love you.
— Melissa

My coaching with you was invaluable, exactly what I needed while  contemplating a huge decision and ultimately transition in my life.  I came in looking for clarity regarding the future of my 15 year marriage. Looking back, I knew for a long time what needed to happen, I wanted confirmation and permission. I needed to know that it was “ok” to leave.  What you helped me through with coaching was to 1) find clarity and confidence in my choice and 2) Realize that I was the only one that could grant myself permission (not you, not my parents, not my pastor, not my friends, not my children, not another counselor, not my sisters, not my husband…..) Permission- not just to leave my marriage but permission in all realms of living my life. My first and biggest “Aha” moment was when you asked it was OK to want what I wanted.  It seem like such a silly question at the time. Of course it’s OK. But I did not even remotely believe that was true.   It was only OK for me to choose what is “proper”, what was “right”, what I “should” want, or other people wanted me to do. What I actually wanted really didn’t matter. I had set tight restrictions on what I was permitted to want.  Breaking through that and acknowledging that it was indeed ok for me to want what I want was huge. It felt like permission to exist (which we also worked on….. I was not an accident to the universe and I deserve to be here)  Permission to be me. Permission to freely choose my own path.  Conversely, others are 100% free to want what they want, and that’s ok too. Another huge take away for me was in recognizing, listening to and trusting my inner voice. There is a lot there. Getting still, getting my head out of the way. Trusting the way I feel to be my guiding force.  That take away is still developing for me. It helps me determine what is right for me and my life.  It helps me to set boundaries and to stand up for myself. I don’t have to have to apologize or explain myself or my choices to anyone else- that I feel something is right (or wrong) in my soul is enough confirmation for me to make a move.  That has given me freedom, strength and confidence.  I get to make the choices for myself based on what feels right for me.  Along with that comes the strength to protect myself- to be my own Mama Bear, I can keep myself safe. I can put protecting myself and my children above protecting anyone else’s feelings or ego. Another gift I received from coaching was to be able to release resentments from my husband. Those resentments were big and deep and caused “groundhogs day” type interactions with him.  I was dragging the past and my preconceived ideas of him into our current relationship. I held hurt and anger. When I fully and completely acknowledged and own my role in disrespecting and hurting him, I was able to forgive and let go of my own resentments.  That cleared the table for me to move forward without that burden. I am now able to see him with more empathy and understanding. Now, instead of being reactionary to him, I can let him be him and me be me. The differentiation between us is now clearer to me. I’m sure my previous counseling and life experiences primed me to be ready for these lessons in their time. But I can clearly say that I had never experienced the growth and progress that I had coaching with you in such a short time.  I believe we did 6 sessions.  I went in as open minded and open hearted as I could, even when it felt scary. You have a gift. I had your undivided energy and attention. You put me at ease. I felt safe, protected, nurtured and nourished.  You taught me to feed and water and protect myself. Your sanctuary was a comfortable, safe place for growth and exploration. Your calm, loving acceptance of me was an example of how I want to love and accept myself and how I want to love and accept others.  No shame, no guilt. I am happier than I have been in many many many years.  It is not always easy, but I am learning how to trust and love and take care of myself.  I am equipped now to be my own coach when I need it. I would and have recommended your coaching to my dearest friends and would tell anyone needed a little shoring up of resources to go see you.  I would be back in to see you in a heartbeat if I found myself struggling. For the thousands of dollars and countless hours I had spent over the years with therapists, retreats, seminars, etc, this was by far the best investment I have made in myself.  And the best part is that it was nothing fancy or complicated, you just taught me to trust and be my true self.
— With endless love and gratitude, Meghan

The first time I met Karen, I immediately felt very comfortable with her.  She has such a warm, inviting presence, and is very easy to talk to. She provides a safe place to explore your feelings and perspectives, and has a calm way of answering questions and providing insight and guidance that feels natural and non-judgmental. When I am in her company I notice that I’m more aware of my feelings & perceptions and experience a connected peacefulness. I highly recommend spending time with Karen!
— Much love, Wendy

This is not an average once a month class with a years commitment of your time, nor is it a “random group of students “ brought together by chance, with a common healing interest. This is a very special, pre-arranged soul connection of light beings, it’s a beginning of a lifetime discovery journey. I am now so blessed to have in my life as my friends. Karen is not your typical Reiki Master, or Mediation guide, interested in one rigid form of energy work, nor is she interested in the dogma of a set style, or of an over traditionalist approach to ends at all means only approach only in this Box. This is not a passing phase of interest for her, she is a lifelong Learner and Teacher. An authentic, gifted, Energy-Intuitive -therapist, looking to spread more Light into this World, by unselfishly sharing her wisdom with others. She is there to guide the class to your best selves, to help find and tune in on the lost, or undiscovered gifts you already may have as an energy intuitive. Yes, this is about bringing healing to others, and spreading our God-given light, but I learned to “ stay with myself” first, to help others. This is just one of the Gems you may receive from her vast healing arts knowledge. This is far more profound than traditional therapy, or classes, you have had before. But this is not a scary process, it’s a gentle nudge into a fuller state of awareness. This all happens in a glorious, peaceful setting for study each month, with other friends on your journey. If you feel this might be for you, deeply explore this with the thought provoking application process and speak to Karen. If you are drawn into a group it’s not by chance.. Relax, Breathe, and enjoy the ride! Be Blessed.
— Kathryn Zahlis Hodges

For me mentoring has been an awakening. The Reiki training has empowered me to give healing energy in a focused way to myself and my family. And while I am not currently using the Reiki in a professional setting, I know it is part of my calling and that it will be part of my future professional work. The mentoring is so much more than just Reiki training. The women in the group have become like sisters to me. We have a bond of spirit that is unlike any friendships I’ve had in my life. Each class has brought me something new. It has helped me to grow and navigate my spiritual and personal growth in ways I have never gotten from any self help book. I have never felt so safe, accepted or understood as I do in mentoring. Mentoring has empowered me to go deeper into myself and expand my vision for my future in ways I never imagined. I am excited to co create my future as I continue to grow and learn in mentoring.
— Tiffany McCoy

I’ve just completed my 9th month of mentoring and while I noticed myself being in a better place than I was a year ago, I didn’t realize how much personal progress I had made until I went to tell someone else. The tools I have learned to process the big emotions that would have previously knocked me out are priceless. This brings me to the cost. Money is not something I have a ton of. We are a family of 4 on a single income. But I made the choice that learning to be a happier, healthier me was going to last a lifetime and buying myself new clothes was only going to provide a temporary high and authentic happiness is much more important.
— Kj Tupen

Mentoring with Karen has been such a pivotal point in my spiritual journey. Karen effortlessly creates space of pure love and acceptance which allows deep personal healing to take place. No one ever said the journey is easy, but with Karen’s guidance I was able to navigate it in the most true and authentic way. I am beyond grateful for the profound experience of Karen’s first and second year mentorship programs. If you are ready to dig deep, really love yourself and grow beyond your expectations, I highly recommend following your calling and joining Karen’s class.
— Erin Koning

I highly recommend anyone considering the 2nd year Mentoring Class. Even if you are not feeling definitely called to doing it right now, please consider my experience in deciding. I was originally not planning on signing up for the 2nd year Mentoring class. First year was great! I felt like I had made many new and positive changes and discoveries about myself, and gained lots of tools and self-confidence to move forward in wherever my path took me. I had made up my mind and was comfortable and confident in my decision not to continue. However, after sitting on that for awhile, I changed my mind. I didn’t talk myself into it nor did I feel pressured in any way. I was simply and very gently guided to do it after all, and I trusted that guidance. I am SO glad I did!! I have gained boundless discoveries and insight into myself and in what direction I am meant to go for helping others. There was an ease in the 2nd year that I didn’t have in first year. It wasn’t so much like “school”. It wasn’t so hard to dig deep, rather, as to just settle in, in safety and love, in furthering my gifts and discoveries. Our friendships were unquestioned so we could just go wherever we were guided without hesitation and knowing we were completely supported. It is such a gift to have relationships with like minded and gifted people who can help you discover and build on your strengths (even ones you don’t know you have yet!). Karen’s guidance throughout this journey will be one of the most sacred gifts of my life that I have ever had. I continue to find out “new” things about myself that I realize I have always known. I just never had the guidance or knowledge that I had traits that can be recognized as healing gifts. I don’t just feel like I’m “different” or weird. I feel so powerful and special and that I am profoundly making a positive difference in this life. I feel like I have finally met myself! It can be very lonely to live where few are connected in this way. I cannot talk about this with my family or other friends. They simply do not understand. So I deeply value the beautiful and very diverse people I have learned to love so much through this journey! It is a very special networking of spiritually gifted people who are committed to the greater good. Meeting every other month also made the time and financial commitment much easier. I also chose to meet with Karen on the off month for individual counseling and healing work which was a tremendous addition. as well. I will forever treasure my time in Karen’s Mentoring Class and will be sad to see it end. I know my journey will continue and I have much work to do, for myself, and for our planet, universe and beyond! I would be happy to talk or answer any questions. Just email me.
In Light and Love, Kathy Parzyk

Mentoring with you is like a perfect dream. Whether or not I end up using any of the tools and skills we are learning, just coming to class makes me feel so grounded and ‘at home’. I DO love what we are doing and I am looking forward to more. Opening our instincts, hearts and spirit is a beautiful journey in itself. I am hoping for a second year of mentoring and any further paths you point me towards. It would be amazing to me to ever reach your level of skill and the way you are so open, friendly, and helpful while teaching along with the sense of safety and the feeling of being in the presence of Pachamama, which is what you embody and put forth. I really appreciate that you are willing share yourself and your knowledge to make this planet a better place. I know I am reaching a better place myself and will continue growing. The class has been my safety line this year and the content is fascinating. Thank you so much for being you and being with us. My gratitude is huge.
— With love and light, Jana

The second year of mentoring, I felt it focuses you so you won’t get off course in the vastness of the huge amount of information you were introduced too, plus it personalizes the information for you, tailored for your unique healing path and journey. Karen with help with the mentoring in a private way this time, as well as group sessions to keep you on track, whether you choose to use this information in areas of self-improvement or for clinical use or integrate the knowledge it into other businesses. Money Ahh.. Yes, I too was most concerned about this one. Sometimes even as I was leaving the house something would happen and the funds would be provided. You must relax and trust on this process. Money = energy. I could give you my year’s stories of how the money came to be, old loan’s being paid back, relatives helping, grocery money magically stretching, and “no Birthday gift -so I sent you cash,” and extra lesson shows up just in time, sold some things on OfferUP, cleared space! I promise you this will work out the creativity will flow. Meditate on this… God’s Blessings and Light.
Kathryn Zahlis Hodges – Animal Communicator – Reiki Master

Karen is an amazing person and healer. She reveals to us our true selves, on a road to an incredible healing experience and journey in life. Thank you!

I am blessed to have worked with Karen over the past few years and find her both a gifted teacher and a highly intuitive healer. I appreciate how soundly she holds space for my healing journey and I attribute my expansion over the past few years to be due, in part, to her influence. Love you dearly Karen!
Ardel Chisholm

Finding the words that perfectly describe Karen was a tough task. The words Genuine, Amazing, Caring, Sincere and Beautiful are at the top of my list. Whether you are meditating with her, having a healing session or in one of her classes she makes you feel at home and comfortable. She has a beautiful gift and is absolutely fabulous at helping people discover theirs, working on their energy and guiding them to discover things that they may not have the tools or knowledge yet to discover on their own. I have meditated with her, had multiple healing sessions and been to a class. Every time is like a new day of awakening. Every session or class with her brings a new level of experience, learning and growth. I cannot say enough about Karen and the guidance that she has not only given myself, but my daughter as well. I look forward to many years to come learning from her.
Shannon Kreide

I have had the privilege of having 2 sessions with Karen and I have been guided to a most healing and wonderful place and time. I trust Karen and her ability to know where and what I need to accomplish at each session and am experiencing an awesome and ongoing positive shift in my life. Karen is a most excellent guide and healer. I am so very Blessed to know Karen.
Sandy Johnson

Karen is not only a gifted healer, but an amazing spiritual presence. Time spent with her has been life changing for me. She is a true gift and blessing to the Universe!
Jill Annette Snow

Karen is a compassionate and “tuned in” healer. She is truly gifted. You are fortunate to be able to work with her. Beautiful energy. Beautiful heart. Can’t put into words all the blessings she shares.
Alleson Lansel

I have been receiving almost monthly massages from Karen for over 5 years and have rarely left the table without some new perspective or insight. I felt a spiritual connection to Karen almost immediately but over time that feeling grew to one of complete trust and respect for her amazing ability to understand and support. Her willingness to challenge the ideas and beliefs I had that were not in my best interest was particularly helpful. I will count her among those who have been most influencial as I travel the path toward inner peace, joy and consciousness.
Barbara Rohe, Snohomish

There is no one that can calm me down as good as Karen can. She is a true gift in my life!
Kjersten Tupen

Karen is very gifted in connecting with you in a profound heart space creating deep soul healing to occur. Karen’s healing gifts offer a renewal of wholeness.
Trisha Michael

The therapeutic work that Karen is doing for me is absolutely magical and amazing. I see her on a weekly basis and will continue to do so for many months. She is relieving my pain, helping me to heal, and her appointments are at the top of my list in priorities. I was at a complete physical low when I first came to her and I believe she is literally helping to save my life. I am so grateful that she is in my neighborhood, but would be willing to travel in order to receive her therapy. She is highly skilled and trained, but also brings in that extra element that is often hard to find when getting bodywork. I thank her very much and can’t say enough about her to recommend Soulular Therapy.
Jana H.

You are amazing! Love you very much!
Tamara Henrickson Brust

I work a very stressful job, that I love, taking care of youth with disabilities. As a result of the strain of body, heart, mind, and soul to help change the dismal outcomes predicted for these children, I frequently run the risk of burnout and damaging my own well-being in the process. Additionally, I am a mother, wife, daughter, and an active member of my community through my church and volunteer organizations. Fortunately, I was blessed to receive bodywork from Karen who was able to quickly ascertain my need for restful and restorative care. She was kind and compassionate, listening and sharing her wisdom when I needed it while restoring balance to a body pushed beyond it’s capacity. As I told a friend before one of our sessions, I always look forward to having my nervous system reset, and feeling whole again. Whenever I got up from the table, I would feel refreshed, peaceful, and ready to keep trying but with a calm purpose instead of restless energy. During this time, I also grew more aware of what I needed for myself to keep myself healthy, how to set better boundaries so that my energy is not diminished by those who only take, and became better able to ask for help when I need it. I believe Karen’s ability to address the needs of the whole individual with loving kindness spurred this growth and I am forever grateful for all I have learned and experienced as a result.
Rebekah Fox

Karen has helped me immensely! The work she does is such a gift and I thank God for having her come into my life. My soul has grown so much because of her love, help and guidance. Because of Karen I am able to understand myself and understand why I do what I do and how to fix things about myself. She has opened my eyes in my everyday life about things around me with work she has done on her table. I have also taken her Spirit Guides class and that was a wonderful experience meeting my Guide. She does wonderful work and she is a life changer in my opinion. I am not good at writing but I wanted you to at least know how appreciative I am of you Karen. You are such a wonderful person with a loving heart and you just exude love whenever I am around you. Thank you so much for being in my life. God bless you.

I am so very blessed to have been lead to Karen first in the meditation group and then to one on one sessions. When I went to my first group meeting I was so surprised and happy. I felt the immediate acceptance and support of Karen and the members of the group. It felt and feels like a family of kindred spirits gathering each week to support each other in our journey. Karen is …… how do you describe someone who is so human and yet is so very special at the same time? Karen’s intuition and her wonderful way of having Spirit with her to help each of us grow is a true and wonderful gift that I feel so blessed to be able to share with her and our group. Karen and I have met for private sessions twice now and each time we have met it has been a life changing time for me. I am so in awe of Karen’s ability to know what I need and to help me. My first session with Karen was so absolutely life changing for me, that I felt the pain and guilt I had carried for so many years lift and leave my soul. Opening my spirit to a freedom I had forgotten felt.With Karen’s support, guidance and love I am becoming more and more aware of unique and wonderful self, which it turns out I really like. Thank you Karen.
Sandy J.

My life has completely changed since I have met Karen. She makes you feel completely comfortable. You can tell she really cares. My soul and life is better because of the work she has done. I went to her Spirit Guides class and it was fun and eye opening for me. I learned so much from it. I was also in the meditation group that she led and it was amazing. She is a really beautiful soul. Thank you very much for everything and God bless!

Every experience I’ve had with Karen Chonzena has been most healing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Karen is the “real deal”

I have been seeing Karen for soul therapy for some time before I took the light process workshop. I had already started my spiritual journey of awakening so I wanted to push that more and see where I could go and open my heart more. When I started the class I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew I was very excited and curious as this was my first workshop. Even after the first day I knew this was going to be magical. Feeling the love and the energy in a room of women that were practically strangers yet feeling like I knew them lifetimes was something that I didn’t even know I craved. Being guided to open myself to these wonderful women and even better myself was something I have a hard time expressing with words but if I could pick one it would be magical. Every week was something new and special. A new journey into myself; opening my heart to the deepest corners and letting the light fill spaces of darkness that I had forgotten I even shut out in the first place. I learned that the more I love and accept myself the more my heart is open to love and accept others – total love and acceptance of ME. It is something I will never forget; being vulnerable in a room of women was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had, and showing my soul to others and feeling the love from them was like magic. I feel lighter now. I feel free. I feel love. Karen is amazing, she is the perfect guide on this journey. Her voice is full of love and trust. There is something magical in her that makes you want to follow her light until she guides you to find your own. She is the hand to hold along the way. Her presence is like a warm hug. I encourage anyone who is interested in this workshop to jump in and take it; you will learn to love and there is nothing better than that.
— Katie M.

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