Private Sessions

With years of study and practice, I’ve gathered many tools that are utilized during session and each is unique to your needs, wants and desires. This interplay of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds is where healing happens and where love for self and others becomes the antidote to pain.

Relationship Coaching

In a relationship coaching session, we will set context together and formulate a plan based on what you truly want and desire, and how to go about getting that. This is a symbiotic relationship that is fluid.  This journey is about exploring the fabric and terrain of what makes you unique, and then bringing awareness to how you relate to your life and the people in it.  We will practice body awareness and mindfulness techniques to help you tap into the awareness of your infinite knowledge.  This coaching will help you come to your own truths about how you perceive yourself and others and what you could do for yourself to create the life that meets your desires. Whether you are stuck in your marriage, partnership, friendships or any other relationship you have, relationship coaching is about helping you see your self more clearly so that you can make the best possible choices to live your true north. My practice is based North of Seattle, however I coach clients around the world. Coaching sessions are available in person or through video conferencing.

Energy Healing

In an energy healing session, together we use our intuition to help you unveil trauma patterns, limiting beliefs and judgments that are held deep within your cellular structures.    I will help you find the energy that is in your field that does not serve your highest purpose as well as help you (with your permission) call back any parts of yourself that may have left due to trauma.  It is my firm belief that we choose our path and sometimes we just need a nudge to go in a direction we already know is in alignment but have yet to develop our own inner trust.  In session you will learn how to trust your inner knowing.  I believe we are all intuitive beings and we can trust in ourselves.  I will teach you how to trust your intuition and find the missing pieces that have you “stuck” until now. Energy healing sessions are practiced fully clothed while laying on a massage table. As time allows, I offer coaching and intuitive integration suggestions as part of private sessions.

30 minute break-thru coaching session

Complimentary – Lets see if we are a match for one another. No obligation except a true desire to shift!
As part of the coaching process, I offer a complimentary initial “Break Thru” session where we will explore and I will offer some feedback or maybe an intuitive sense of your situation. You will discover something about yourself in this session that you weren’t already aware of or you may get clear understanding of where you desire to proceed in your relationship,  and acquire a deeper insight into the services I offer. I am based North of Seattle, however this does not deter my coaching as I have clients around the world that I meet on Zoom video conference calling.

 Individual 60 minute session – $150
Couples or any 90 minute session – $200


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