2018 Mentoring



Do you already know you are a healer but lack confidence in your abilities? Do you need reassurance and confirmation of your gifts? Are you practicing or interested in energy medicine and interested in developing your intuitive abilities? I may have just the opportunity for you! I will be offering a mentoring group starting in February of 2018 for those interested in personal growth, energy medicine, coaching and intuition.

Whether you are already practicing in the healing field in any capacity or are wanting to begin your journey into intuitive energy healing, this group will help you take your skills to the next level. I am offering this mentoring to like-minded individuals who are on the path to self-discovery. If this resonates with you, then you will have already begun a journey of personal and or professional growth.

If you feel a longing to be a part of a group of connected souls who are committed to developing a deep sense of belonging and love for self and If your desire includes that truth being expressed into the world via your healing gifts, and moreover, If you long to bring healing and peace to all beings that cross your path while restoring harmony and balance for yourself and others, then this mentoring group will be very exciting for you.

MENTORING IS A GROUP OF LIKE MINDED SOULS THAT ANSWER A CALL TO COME TOGETHER and the formation of this group is no coincidence. You may wonder what you have in common when you arrive for your first month. But rest assured, as the year goes on, there are amazing insights to be gleaned by and from each member of the group. This wisdom will propel your growth in unimaginable ways.

Some of the topics covered in mentoring are the following, however it does vary based on the group:

*Learn how to identify and release limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns that hold you back from experiencing life as you want.

*Discover and develop your intuition by learning how to do intuitive readings for yourself and others as well as moving deeper into your intuition if this has developed for you.

*Learn Energy Healing techniques as you develop confidence in your innate healing abilities.

*grow in your uniqueness – grow and embrace and love who you are and what you have to offer

*learn presence, mindfulness, and meditation healing techniques

*Learn about energy anatomy, your chakras and the layers of your energy field as well as the tissues and organs that correlate to those layers.

*Learn how your presence is your healing gift to others

… and so much more!

I am your guide for the year helping you to tune into what you already are, what you are already capable of but have yet to discover. I am here to guide you and help you tap into your own unfoldment of your unique gifts as well as help you develop the presence that will allow you to tap into the grace that holds it all.

I will offer my broad base of knowledge and life experience as well as energy tools. You will bring your gifts that are unique to you that will help you find your own way into an energy practice that is as unique as you are. You also bring your open heart and willingness to look at yourself and those in your life as well as the world we live in with perhaps a slightly different perspective. If you are not interested in an energy practice, mentoring will help you on your path to discover your intuition and the gifts that you came into the world with, which you will then be able to take out into the world and offer to your family, friends, and co-workers. We are all born healers – we may not all practice in a “healing environment”, and it is a gift to offer your healing to all the paths you cross.

We will meet one day per month (Saturday or Sunday 10am-6pm – (This time may be adjusted based on class size ). Cost of mentorship is $3895 . I accept monthly payments in the amount of $360 after a down payment at time of signing of $295. Class runs February – November.

I have found that even if you feel this is something you can not afford – where spirit is guiding you; you will be fully supported. That includes this program and that includes paying for it.  Money and time are an exchange of energy and the Universe provides for what you are ready for – I have seen it over and over in my practice and with my students.

I allow monthly payments so that this program may be accessed by anyone wishing to participate. If you are selected and choose to accept an invitation to mentoring – it is a 10 month commitment of your time to show up to class fully engaged and prepared to dive deep – I take your personal commitment to yourself and the group to grow very seriously. I will show up for you 100% you have to be willing to bring 100% of yourself.

Please contact me at kchonzena@gmail.com if you are interested in speaking to me about this program and/or securing an in person interview for a mentorship appointment – contact me with any questions.

Visit my website’s Testimonial page for comments from past mentoring students. 

In accepting this opportunity for growth – may you be blessed , may you feel safe, may you feel loved. and may you experience deep joy, health and abundance.

Much love always,


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