Introductory Meditation

INTRODUCTORY MEDITATION WORKSHOP – Next workshop January 11th 2018
4 week course – Thursday evenings 7pm-8:30pm

Experiencing uncomfortable emotions? stress? Anxiety? Restlessness? Learn how your attention and your presence will heal you, bring peace to your heart and calm to your mind. A mindfulness meditation practice is very beneficial to your body, mind and spirit, and when you learn how to be with yourself in whatever state you may be in while also in the presence of others, your perception will change, and you will begin to heal. This is a practice of holding space for yourself and your experience.  There is no need to turn the chatter of your mind off. You will learn how to work with your mind, your thoughts your physical sensations and all the distractions. This introduction to meditation will greatly benefit you in your life and will send you back into the world with a new understanding of yourself and how you relate to those around you. At the end of the four weeks, my wish for you is that you will have more peace and ease in your life as you incorporate this practice into your life. You will learn how to find your center as well as how to navigate your energy system. You will learn what presence feels like in your body. All of these techniques and tools you will learn, will help you to get out of your own way, so that you can experience the life you are meant to live – A life with peace and ease. $150  REGISTER ONLINE

After completing the 4 week class – transition into a bi-monthly meditation group that you can practice the skills you learned and continue to grow and expand your meditation practice while being fully supported.  This group is available to you when you are available – no need to commit to any length of time.  Sign up when you would like to come.  I highly recommend it for those wanting to deepen their practice.

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