Our soul here on earth

When the flow of love is severed because of a hurt – the soul hurts. 

Each and every time we choose to blame our wounding on another rather than move inward and accept that which we can not change about ourselves or other – the flow of love is severed.

Cutting off the flow of love in your life is like a child turning away from food offered by the mother.

Death …

Blame, denying love, decimating the character of your beloved.


When you cut the flow of love off to “another” you also cut the flow of love off to yourself.


Life without water


Life without touch


Life without love

Painful death…

Being human is painful and yet every time love is chosen especially when we are deeply hurt – we are reborn – made new.  In this process – our vibration increases and we become aware of how our perception of ourselves and other has broadened as well as becoming acutely aware of not only our own circumstances but others’ as well.  When we move into love at this depth we are then able to come into a deeper understanding of ourselves and our planet.

How can I complete my cycle here?

Choose the beloved everyday –” You are the beloved” “ The other in your life – is the beloved”.

Stop pushing love away and pray.  Ask for help and guidance from the angels and your spirit helpers.

Say a prayer for all beings: 

May all beings be at peace; May all beings feel loved; May all beings feel worthy; May all beings experience the light of who they are and choose to love unconditionally.

Blessings for a beautiful life filled with light.

Karen Chonzena

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KAREN CHONZENA, LMP, has been in practice since 2004 as a massage therapist. She combines techniques and skills gathered throughout her career into her practice where she spends most of her time coaching individuals and couples in the realm of their relationships as well as offering insight to clients intuitively around life and spiritual matters. Karen continues to do vibrational healing, energy medicine, shamanic practices, craniosacral and visceral manipulation, women’s circles and teaching mindfulness and meditation workshops and mentoring.
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