One Breath

One breath of awareness is all it takes to call on the vibration of love. Our vibration increases as we call on the vibration of love with our breath and awareness. One breath … that is all – think about it … and now connect to your breath and breathe in all the blessings being offered to you. You will be pleasantly surprised of the sensations and the blessings that come into your life with this daily practice.

The body of light

Karen Chonzena

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KAREN CHONZENA, LMP, has been in practice since 2004 as a massage therapist. She combines techniques and skills gathered throughout her career into her practice where she spends most of her time coaching individuals and couples in the realm of their relationships as well as offering insight to clients intuitively around life and spiritual matters. Karen continues to do vibrational healing, energy medicine, shamanic practices, craniosacral and visceral manipulation, women’s circles and teaching mindfulness and meditation workshops and mentoring.
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